UL approval

UL Logo Information: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) only gives approvals for modules and circuits. If a circuit has an approval it is UL recognized which you can find under a certain file No. Another possibility is that materials are listed and classified by UL. These materials can be found also under certain file Nos, where you can see for example the classification for flammability etc.

Diodes are not approved by UL, while bridge rectifiers - as a Graetz circuit - can be UL recognized.

Most of the Diotec bridge rectifiers are UL recognized. You can find them under File No. E175067

Diotec products that are not UL recognized are produced with materials that are UL listed and classified. We use molding compounds and casting compounds that are non flammable and therefore are classified UL94V-0.

For diodes - molding compound MG20F 0340 - please have a look to File No. E34947

For components with casting compound - Araldit CW 1195 BD / Härter HW 1196 - please have a look to File No. 72789.

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