Point Type Series

Edixeon® series and PLCC LED series are the high power LEDs packaged by Edison Opto delivering high luminous flux. With its different dimension and/or power ratings, customers can introduce these PLCC or Edixeon to satisfy various solid-state lighting applications such as automotive headlamp, decorative wall washer and general lighting.

Linear Type

Edison Opto introduces linearly packaged line source that yields high lumen efficacy at the same time extending a new dimension for lighting design.


Edison Opto offers exceptional planar light source up to 100W and 7000 lm - expanding the choices for an ultra bright lighting applications.


Edison Opto offers LED peripheral solutions such as custom layout of MCPCB to secondary optical lens that are fully integrated to adapt to the need of applications including stage lighting, under-cabinet lighting and street lighting.


For customers demanding quick replacement solutions, Edison Opto combines its core technology and know-hows to deliver fully integrated retrofit products that yields outstanding performance and overall system sustainaility.