DIN Connectors

DIN-43650, Solenoid Connectors - Plugs, Sockets, 2Pole, 3 Pole, Illuminated, Non-illuminated for a wide range on voltages

IEC Connectors & Receptacles

Power Inlets, Power Outlets, Rewirable Connectors, Inlet-Outlet Sockets, Universal Connectors

Nema Twist Lock Receptacles

UL(C, US), CSA Approved Nema Twist Lock Receptacles

RFI/EMI Filters

Single Phase, 3 Phase Filters, DC Filters, 2 Phase Filters - PCB Mountable, Chassis type, Panel Mounting, Mains Filters with Circular Connectors


Switches - Range of Thumb Wheel, Push Coder, Keylock, Micro, Rotary, Push and Rocker Switches

Fuse Holders, Lamp Holders

Fuse Holders - Chassis Mounting, PCB Mounting, Inline Type. Led holder, lamp holder

Power Distribution Units

Powder Coated Steel & Plastic enclosures Switches, Fuse Holders, Line Filters, Micro Switches, Circular Connectors

Connectors, Terminals

PCB Mounting, Panel Mounting, Stackable Terminals and Connectors

Cords and Accessories

Moulded Power Cords, Power Connectors, Right Angled Connectors, Jumper Cords

Other Components

Card Guides, Card Handles, Instrument Handles, Neon Lamp Holders, LED Indicators, Line Jacks

Plugs & Sockets

2mm, 4mm Plugs and Sockets

Knobs and Accessories

Instrument Knobs, Collet Knobs and Accessories